INTERNSHIP INSTRUCTIONS


            The aim of this instruction is to explain the procedures related to the internship studies conducted at Trakya University, Keşan Yusuf Çapraz School of Applied Sciences.



            Head of department,

            Auditor Instructor,

            School Secretary,



            TU Undergraduate Education, Education and Examination Regulations,

            TU Keşan Yusuf Çapraz Applied Sciences School Internship Directive,


1. In the academic year prior to the summer internship period, the Internship Working Calendar prepared by the Department Internship Commission will be announced and put into practice using the bulletin boards and the Internet.

2. Internship students apply for internship by completing the Internship Pre-Application Form (Annex 1) to the Head of Department and their Consultants. The students who are accepted for internship are obliged to bring the Commercial Internship Pre-Acceptance Form (EK2) within 15 days from the workplace in which they want to do their internship. The Department Internship Commissions examines the preliminary applications by taking into consideration whether the students are in the classroom where they can do an internship and how many students can do the internship during the internship period.

3. The students who submitted the Pre-Acceptance Form for the Workplace and the students whose internship is considered suitable must submit the Internship Start-up Form (EK3) from the workplace where they will do their internship to the Consultants and Departmental Internship Commissions within 15 days from the date they start their internship.

4. The students who will do internship; Name of the surname, student no, the workplace to do the internship, the beginning and end of the internship information that will make the Internship Student List, Department of Internship Commission to the School Budget, Procurement and Accrual Unit is notified.

5. At the latest one day before the starting date of the internship, the students who will do an internship work will be sent to the Social Security Institution by the School Budget, Procurement and Accrual Unit.

6. The School Budget, Purchasing and Accrual Unit, during the internship study of each month; at the latest 23rd of the Social Security Institution for the previous month while making the Premium Declarations, the latest amount of up to 26 accrued premium amount to be paid. Strategy Development Department is informed. TU The Department of Strategy Development shall pay contributions to the Social Security Institution until the end of the related month.

7. Internship Report File and End of Internship The Workplace Evaluation Report (EK4) is delivered to the students against the signature and the internship starts. End of Internship The student submits the Workplace Evaluation Report (EK4) at the beginning of the internship to the authorized supervisor / supervisor at the workplace.

8. After the end of the internship work, the Internship Report File (by the student), End of Internship Workplace Evaluation Report (EK4) (to be given to the Head of Department, Departmental Internship Commission) delivered within a week.

9. Within 10 days of the end of the student's internship work, the School Budget Purchasing and Accrual Unit shall notify the Social Security Institution of the Termination.

10. In accordance with the previously announced Internship Work Schedule, the Internship Commission will examine the Internship Report File and Internship End Workplace Evaluation Report.

11. The results of the examination are evaluated on the Internship General Evaluation Form (EK5). As a result of the evaluation, students who are internship may be enc successful or unsuccessful Değerlendirme. Students who fail are required to repeat their internship in part or in full. The Internship Evaluation Chart, where the department's internship success situations are handled, is provided to the Head of Department and the Department Chair is notified to the Student Affairs Unit of the School of Higher Education by entering the student affairs system.
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